HIV Prevention Research (HPR) Training Module

The HIV Prevention Research training module, a collaboration of the Legacy Project, FHI360, HPTN, HVTN, and MTN, provides recent prevention research findings in a curriculum designed to increase scientific literacy of the communities most disproportionately impacted by HIV.


The training modules provided here contain slides with presenter notes, an accompanying participant guide with activities, and an assessment to be used before and after the presentation to assess the participants’ knowledge of HIV research.

The training has multiple components designed to stand alone for use in a variety of settings. Depending upon the needs of your audience, presenters can create a specific training to address any or all of the topics. 

The 4-hour module addresses:

  • What Is HIV Prevention and the HIV Combination Prevention Toolbox?
  • What Are HIV Prevention Tools and How Are They Used in HIV Prevention Research?

The 8-hour module includes the above content and additionally addresses:

  • What is HIV/AIDS?
  • What is Clinical Research?
  • What is Community Engagement?

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