HANC-Developed Training Modules

HANC-developed training modules target community training needs, scientific literacy, and various topics in HIV prevention and cure research. HANC also collaborates with network and DAIDS partners to develop and support selected trainings hosted on the DAIDS Learning Portal.

Featured Modules

Be the Generation: HIV Prevention Research (HPR) Training Module

A collaboration of the Legacy Project, FHI360, HPTN, HVTN, and MTN, this training provides recent prevention research findings in 4- and 8-hour curriculums designed to increase scientific literacy of the communities most disproportionately impacted by HIV.

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Basic Scientific Literacy (BSL) Training Module

This training module has been designed for participants with little knowledge of basic science and research and can be used as a refresher for more knowledgeable participants.

This entire workshop should last approximately 8 hours.

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Understanding the Clinical Research Process

This set of standardized CAB training materials is for cross-network use. This training module covers the topics of understanding the clinical research process and principles of clinical research.

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Additional Training Materials

Biomedical HIV Prevention for Women

This Women's Human Rights Campaign's (WHRC) training is focused on biomedical HIV prevention for cisgender and transgender women. PowerPoint slides are available upon request.

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Women & HIV Cure-Related Research

This Women's Human Rights Campaign's (WHRC) training is focused on the meaningful involvement of cisgender and transgender women in HIV cure-related research. PowerPoint slides are available upon request.

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External Training Resources

DAIDS Learning Portal

The Division of AIDS (DAIDS) has developed the DAIDS Learning Portal to support clinical researchers, grantees, and collaborators and is the place for the latest DAIDS training information. Selected training modules include:

  • Community Advisory Boards (CAB)
  • Research Ethics & Informed Consent in Clinical Research
  • Transgender Training Curriculum for HIV Research
  • Tuberculosis Infection Control