Red Ribbon Registry

The Red Ribbon Registry (R3) supports recruitment into applicable HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Network trials. This webpage contains training materials and other helpful resources for ACTG sites using the registry.

Shared Documents


Upcoming Live Sessions

No live sessions are scheduled at this time.

Recorded Sessions

Site User Training

This training covers features of the registry related to interacting with volunteer records (querying, checking out volunteers, status code updates). Completion of this training is required for all registry users. 

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Site Administrator Training

This training covers features in the registry related to the Site Administrator role. Completion of this training is required for individuals designated as a Site Administrator. 

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Volunteer Experience Overview

Password: R3Volunteer

The Volunteer Experience Overview is not required as part of the training for activation, but is a helpful reference to understand the volunteer experience when completing the survey and answer questions that may come from volunteers. 

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Contact Information

For any questions, please contact your Site Administrators first, and then refer to the contacts below for additional assistance.

General Registry Support

Email for

  • General questions
  • Use of outcome codes
  • IRB/protocol questions about the registry

​​NOTE: Volunteer eligibility questions for a specific protocol should be directed to the applicable Protocol Team points of contact.

Technical Support

Submit requests via Oracle Health Sciences Support Cloud Portal for

  • Bugs
  • Support requests (i.e. checkout and outcome code update issues)

NOTE: Site Admins must contact the Support Portal on behalf of other site users.

Registry Request Forms

Feature Requests: Please complete our feature request form if you want to add new features, enhance existing features, or update a survey question in the registry.

Volunteer Communications: For communication requests to registry volunteers from network operations centers, please submit our communications request form.

Data Breaches

Refer to Data Use Agreement.