Data Management & IT

Providing Best Practices and Standards

Data management and information technology resources are developed in collaboration with the network statistical and data management centers (SDMCs), DAIDS and NIH.

IT Best Practices & Standards for DAIDS Sites 

The Information Technology Best Practice Standards at Division of AIDS Clinical Trials Study Sites and Site Affiliated Laboratories is a resource for DAIDS sites and laboratories to evaluate their technical infrastructure and mitigate risks posed by service or system failures. The IT Best Practice Standards propose baseline "minimum" and "ideal" technological standards that align with international standards for information security (ISO/IEC 27000-series). The document was created in collaboration with the SDMCs and NIH.

Cross-Network Pregnancy Data Standards

The Cross-Network Pregnancy Data Standards present a harmonized approach for capturing pregnancy outcome data variables in the clinical database through common identifiers and naming, question text, SDTM annotations, data type, and response options. These standards are used by the SDMCs of the HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks.

Cross-Network Pregnancy Data Standards V1.0
Cross-Network Pregnancy Data Standards Release Notes V1.0
Cross-Network Pregnancy Data Standards Revision History V1.0

Excel spreadsheet versions of the standards and revision history are available upon request by emailing HANC admin.