HANC unveils newly refreshed website in collaboration with Fred Hutch

March 25, 2021

Welcome! The HANC team is excited to launch the newly redesigned Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC) website. Located at the same address, hanc.info, the new HANC website is crafted to be easier to navigate, mobile-friendly, and modernized in design.

Our content is now organized into two main areas: Coordination Areas and Resources. With our Coordination Areas section, we want to give a look into who HANC is as an organization, who we work with, and what we do. With our Resources section, we want to showcase the cross-network resources, guidelines, SOPs, and trainings available to you through HANC.

HANC works with the HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks to create a more integrated and collaborative research structure, and we hope these updates will help streamline work with our partners and support the fulfillment of our mission. Minor changes to the HANC logo and color palette were also made as part of the website redesign while still retaining HANC's core color and brand identity. The new website and logo were developed by the Fred Hutch Communications and Marketing team based in Seattle, WA.