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VQA Resources

Virology Quality Assurance (VQA) ​is contracted by DAIDS to provide quality assurance support to all laboratories performing virology assays for DAIDS protocols. Resources for laboratories and information about the proficiency testing program, such as downloadable datasets and Virology Quality Assurance Advisory Board VQAAB) proficiency testing reports and conference call minutes, are provided.

VQA Data Management Center

Information about the submission of VQA data can be found at the VQA DMC website.

Note: A password is required.

Go to the VQA DMC Website

Required use of the LDMS

​VQA Lab Reagent Orders

Laboratories participating in the VQA proficiency testing program can place orders for extra reagents, controls, and panels.

Note: A HANC Portal Password is required to place orders.

Place orders with the VQA

IMPORTANT USERNAME UPDATE: Your lab's username is now  ext\[VQA Lab Name]. For example, if your username was "oirp\Hutch", it is now "ext\Hutch".

Access VQA HIV RNA Copy Control Data Range Sheets

View VQA Reagent 2017-2019 Shipping and Testing Schedule

Request HANC Portal Password

Memos and SOPs

Memos and SOPs from the VQA.

More information

Proficiency Testing Program

Resources and information for participants in the VQA's proficiency testing program.

More information

VQA Publications

Papers, reports and other presentations published by the VQA.

More information

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