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The DAIDS Enterprise System

​The Division of AIDS (DAIDS) has developed and implemented a DAIDS enterprise-wide information system to support the scientific, administrative, and regulatory needs in areas surrounding the DAIDS research agenda in HIV/AIDS vaccine, prevention, and therapeutics research. The purpose of the DAIDS-ES is to support multi-directional flows of key information between DAIDS and their collaborators to enhance the interoperability of its clinical trials networks.

The DAIDS-ES vision is to create a suite of tools, built on a common framework containing multiple integrated modules that support key business areas. These tools will have a consistent user interface built from a shareable set of components. These tools will communicate with each other, as well as with external systems, located within Data Management Centers (DMC), Operation Centers (Ops), participating sites, and other National Institutes of Health (NIH) systems using a standardized vocabulary.

DAIDS-ES Tools Available for DAIDS Collaborators

DAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System (DAERS)

DAERS enables DAIDS and its collaborators to report Expedited Adverse Events (EAEs) effectively, in accordance with the safety reporting guidelines set forth by DAIDS, FDA and ICH in the conduct of human subject clinical trials. DAERS is a Web-based system that supports real-time reporting of and access to EAEs.  This component ensures accuracy of its data capture by using built-in data validation checks and lists of values.  It is designed to support therapeutic, vaccine, and prevention EAE reporting.

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Clinical Site Monitoring (CSM)

Clinical Site Monitoring provides DAIDS with a unified system that serves as the official information source for clinical site monitoring activities.  It is used by DAIDS personnel and collaborators involved in monitoring DAIDS clinical trials.  Its tools, which are on the new paradigm for CSM set forth by DAIDS, were implemented to enhance and improve the scheduling, conduct, and reporting of information related to clinical site monitoring visits.  Specifically, the tools are designed to identify and track monitoring visit schedules and assignment requests, and help resolve issues identified during site visits.

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DAIDS Protocol Registration System (DPRS)

The DPRS provides DAIDS with a unified centralized system that will serve as the official information source for Protocol Registration activities involving registering a Clinical Research Site (CRS) to a protocol.  DPRS provides the CRSs tools to electronically submit protocol registration documents to the DAIDS Protocol Registration Office (PRO), track and monitor progress of their submission, provide corrections, and respond to materials, receipt alerts, reminders and notifications.  DPRS also provides Web services to DAIDS collaborators for interacting with the system and receive Protocol Registration information.

DAIDS Protocol Registration System Training Website

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