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Acronyms and Glossaries


 HANC Acronyms

ACTGAIDS Clinical Trials Group
ADEAIDS Defining Events
ADRAdverse Drug Reaction
AEAdverse Event
AERAdverse Event Report
AETC NECAIDS Education and Training Center National Evaluation Center
ARACAIDS Research Advisory Committee
ATNAdolescent Trials Network
BRAGBioanalytical Method Validation Group
BSCGBehavioral Science Consultative Group
BSIGBehavioral Science Interest Group
BSWGBehavioral Science Working Group
BTGBe The Generation
CABCommunity Advisory Board
CCBRCoordinating Centers for Biometric Research
CCWGCross CAB Working Group
CDASHClinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDISCClinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
CDMSClinical Data Management System
CFARCenter for AIDS Research
CHAVI-IDCenter For HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology And Immunogen Discovery
CISCommunity Indicator Survey
CITICollaborative IRB Training Initiative
CLIAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
CNCPLCross-Network Clinical Pharmacology Laboratories Forum
COIConflict of Interest
CPCommunity Partners
CPQAClinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance
CPQAABClinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance Advisory Board
CPQASCClinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance Steering Committee
CRFCase Report Form
CRMBClinical Research Management Branch
CROContract Research Organization
CROIConference on Retroviruses And Opportunistic Infections
CRSClinical Research Site
CRWGCommunity Recommendations Working Group
CSIConcept Systems Incorporated
CSMGClinical Site Monitoring Group
CSRCClinical Science Review Committee
CTCommunity Training Working Group
CTAClinical Trial Agreement
CTDCommon Technical Document
CTSClinical Trials Specialist
CTUClinical Trial Units
CWGCommunications Working Group
DAERSDAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System
DAIDSDivision of AIDS
DAIDS ESDivision of AIDS Enterprise System
DCLOTDAIDS Clinical Laboratory Oversight Team
DMCData Management Center
DRTEDAIDS Regional Training Events
DSMBData and Safety Monitoring Board
EAEExpedited Adverse Event
EDCElectronic Data Capture
EMAEuropean Medicines Agency
EMFTEvaluation Measurement Task Force
EQAExternal Quality Assessment
ESTRIElectronic Standards for Transmission of Regulatory Information
EWGEvaluation Working Group
FDAFood And Drug Administration
FDPFederal Demonstration Project
FHIFamily Health International
FOAFunding Opportunity Announcement
FSTRFFrontier Science and Research Center
GCLPGood Clinical Laboratory Practice
GCPGood Clinical Practice
GPPGood Participatory Practice
HAARTHighly Active AntiRetroviral Therapy
HANCOffice of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination
HBCUHistorically Black Colleges and Universities
HPTNHIV Prevention Trials Network
HRCTHIV Research Counseling and Testing
HSPHuman Subjects Protection
HVTNHIV Vaccine Trials Network
IASInternational AIDS Society
ICAGIQA Cryopreservation Proficiency Testing Advisory Group
ICHInternational Council for Harmonisation
IECIndependent Ethics Committee
IMPAACTInternational Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials group
INDInvestigational New Drug
INSIGHTInternational Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials
IPVIntimate Partner Violence
IQAImmunology Quality Assurance
IRBInstitutional Review Board
JHUJohns Hopkins University
LARLegally Authorized Representative
LDCLaboratory Data Coordinator
LDCWGLFG-DCLOT Collaborative Working Group
LDMSLaboratory Data Management Solution
LFGLab Focus Group
LOCLeadership Operations Center
LPCLaboratory Processing Chart
LPWGLegacy Project Work Group
LTCLaboratory Technologist Committee
MCCMedicines Control Council
MedDRAMedical Dictionary For Regulatory Activities
MHRPMilitary HIV Research Program
MMRWMorbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
MOMedical Officer
MSMMen Who Have Sex With Men
MTNMicrobicide Trials Network
NAESMNational AIDS Education And Services For Minorities
NCCNetwork Coordinating Center
NDANew Drug Application
NEDNIH Enterprise Directory
NHLSNational Health Laboratory Science
NHVREINIAID HIV Vaccine Research Education Initiative
NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
NICHDNational Institute Of Child Health And Human Development
NIDANational Institute on Drug Abuse
NIHNational Institutes of Health
NIMHNational Institute of Mental Health
NLGNetwork Leaders Group
NLOGNetwork Leadership Operations Group
NMACNational Minority AIDS Council
OAROffice of AIDS Research
OCSOOffice of Clinical Site Oversight
OEROffice of Extramural Research
OHRPOffice for Human Research Protections
OPCROOffice for Policy in Clinical Research Operations
ORAOffice of Regulatory Affairs
OTISOffice of Technology Information Systems
PABPharmaceutical Affairs Branch
PBMCPeripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
PDMPrimary Data Manager
PEPPost-Exposure Prophylaxis
PEPFARU.S. President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief
PFProtocol Funds
PIPrimary Investigator
PID/PatidParticipant Identification Number
PMAPremarket Approval
PNLPrimary Network Laboratory
POCAANPeople of Color Against AIDS Network
PPDPharmaceutical Product Development
PrEPPre-exposure Prophylaxis
PSLsPharmacology Specialty Laboratories
PTProficiency Testing
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuality Control
RABRegulatory Affairs Branch
RCCRegulatory Compliance Center
RCRResponsible Conduct of Research
RFARequest For Application
RFPRequest For Proposal
RPGResearch Project Grant
RRCRisk Reduction Counseling
RSCRegulatory Support Center
SA MRCSouth African Medical Research Council
SAESerious Adverse Event
SAGScientific Administration Group
SAHPRASouth African Health Products Regulatory Authority
SBIRSmall Business Innovative Research
SCHARPStatistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention
SCWGSite Coordinators Working Group
SDACStatistical Data and Analysis Center
SDMCStatistical and Data Management Centers
SDTMStudy Data Tabulation Model
SESSubject Enrollment System
SIDStudy Identification Number
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMILEPatient Safety Monitoring and International Laboratory Evaluation
SMQStandardized MedDRA Query
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SOSSaving Ourselves Symposium
SPTSafety and Pharmacovigilance Team
SWGStrategic Working Group
TaP/TasPTreatment as Prevention
TB TSGTuberculosis Transformative Science Group
TBLDWGTuberculosis Laboratory Diagnostics Working Group
TBTCTuberculosis Trials Consortium
TBTC CRAGTuberculosis Trials Consortium Community Research Advisors Group
TCUsTribal Colleges And Universities
TQMTotal Quality Management
TSDVTargeted Source Document Verification
UK NEQASUnited Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service
USCAUnited States Conference on AIDS
VMMCVoluntary Medical Male Circumcision
VQAABVirology Quality Assurance Advisory Board
VQADMGVirology Quality Assurance Data Management Group
VTUVaccine Trials Unit
WGWorking Group
WHISCWomen's Health Inter-Network Scientific Committee
WHOWorld Health Organization
WHRCWomen's HIV Research Collaborative
YPRWGYouth Prevention Research Working Group
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