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Relaxation Techniques for Lumbar Puncture Procedure

The purpose of this video is to provide advice on pre-procedure relaxation techniques for people who are considering donating spinal fluid for NIH HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks research protocols or other research studies. In much the same way that you would look under the hood to check the health of your car’s engine, we do tests of the cerebrospinal fluid to check on the health of your brain and spinal cord.

The lumbar puncture procedure provides a small sample of the fluid bathing the brain and spinal cord for research studies. We greatly appreciate participant’s willingness to consider providing this valuable sample, which may lead to new understandings of the interaction of HIV and the brain, and improvements in treatments.

In summary the LP procedure involves specific positioning for easy access to the spinal fluid, a sterile preparation, introduction of local anesthetic with a small needle followed by use of a spinal needle to collect the spinal fluid. This video provides suggestions and a guide to induce a state of relaxation in anticipation of and management of participant’s response to the lumbar puncture procedure. 

To view the video, click on the link above or click here.


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