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CROI 2014 Network Presentations
CROI 2014 took place from March 3-6, 2014 in Boston, MA. This was the 21st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. 
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 CROI 2014 Network Presentations

ACTGPosterVirologic suppression with second-line therapy: does the initial regimen matter? (A5202)
Ard K., Hua L., Tierney C., Daar E., Sax P.
ACTGPosterDecay rate of archived HIV-1 drug resistance mutations.
De La Cruz J., Vardhanabhuti S., Rovner R., Pinsky B., Bosch R., Katzenstein D.
ACTGPosterContribution of CYP2A6, UGT2B7, and other non-CYP2B6 polymorphisms to plasma efavirenz exposure.
Haas D., Kwara A., Richardson D., Baker P., Papageorgiou I., Acosta E., Morse G., Court M.
ACTGPosterPartner-based intervention for adherence to second-line ART: a multinational RCT
Gross R., Zheng L., La Rosa A., Sun X., Rosenkranz S., Cardoso S., Ssali F., Camp R., Godfrey C., Collier A.
ACTGPosterEfficacy and tolerability of atazanavir, raltegravir, or darunavir with FTC/TDF: ACTG A5257.
Landovitz R., Ribaudo H., Ofotokun I., Wang H., Baugh B., Leavitt R., Rooney J., Seekins D., Currier J., Lennox J.
ACTGPosterSex-related inflammatory marker changes pre and post antiretroviral treatment (ART) initiation.  A5175
Mathad J., Gupte N., Balagopal A., Asmuth D., Hakim J., Kumarasamy N., Campbell T., Currier J., Cohn S., Gupta A.
ACTGPosterDarunavir or atazanavir vs raltegravir lipid changes are unlinked to ritonavir exposure: ACTG 5257.
Ofotokun I., Ribaudo H., Na L., McComsey G., Cohn S., Godfrey C., Sagar M., Aweeka F., Lennox J., Currier J.
ACTGPosterPredictors of late virological failure after initial successful suppression on EFV-based ART.
Singini I., Campbell T., Smeaton L., Kumarasamy N., Klingman K., Taejaroenkul S., Flanigan T., La Rosa A., Hughes M.
ACTGPosterMortality among HIV+ participants randomized to omit NRTIs vs. add NRTIs in OPTIONS (ACTG A5241).
Tashima K., Smeaton L., Klingman K., Andrade A., Eron J., Fichtenbaum C., Gandhi R., Johnson V., Haubrich R.
ACTGPoster Baseline inflammatory and immune activation markers predictive of TB after ART initiation
Tenforde M., Gupte N., Dowdy D., Asmuth D., Balagopal A., Pollard R., Hakim J., Semba R., Campbell T., Gupta A.
ACTGPosterRenal and metabolic safety of initial HIV-1 therapy in resource-limited settings
Touzard-Romo F., Smeaton L., Campbell T., Kumwenda J., Mngqibisa R., Supparatpinyo K., Kumarasamy N., Hakim J., Flanigan T.
ACTGPosterThe effect of hepatitis C clearance on macrophage activation in HIV/HCV coinfection.
Chew K., Hua L., Bhattacharya D., Butt A., Lewis M., Chung R., Andersen J., Currier J.
ACTGOralQuadrivalent HPV vaccine induces immune memory in HIV-infected men A5246
Wilkin T., Lensing S., Einstein M., Lee J., Goldstone S., Stier E., Berry M., Jay N., Mitsuyasu R., Palefsky J.
ACTGPosterLow pre-ART CD4+ T-cells, female sex, and atazanavir use increase obesity risk after starting ART.
Atkinson B., Krishnan S., Collier A.
ACTGPosterImpact of randomized antiretroviral therapy  initiation on glucose metabolism: AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5224s, a substudy of ACTG A5202
Erlandson K., Kitch D., Tierney C., Sax P., Daar E., Melbourne K., Ha B., McComsey G
ACTGPosterCorrelates of inflammatory markers after one year of suppressive antiretroviral treatment (ART).
Krishnan S., Bosch R., Rodriguez B., Hunt P., Wilson C., Deeks S., Lederman M., Landay A., Tenorio A.
ACTGPosterAtazanavir and tenofovir attenuate the benefit of antiretroviral therapy on cystatin C: ACTG A5224
Longenecker C., Kitch D., Sax P., Daar E., Tierney C., McComsey G.
ACTGOralHigh dose vitamin D and calcium attenuates bone loss with ART initiation: results from ACTG A5280.
Overton E., Chan E., Brown T., Tebas P., McComsey G., Melbourne K., Napoli A., Hardin W., Ribaudo H., Yin M.
ACTGPosterRifaximin has marginal impact on immune activation in immune non-responders to antiretroviral therapy - ACTG 5286
Tenorio A., Wilson C., Chan E., Bosch R., Macatangay B., Yesmin S., Read S., Margolis D., Jacobson J., Landay A
ACTGPosterSevelamer does not decrease plasma LPS or sCD14 but does decrease soluble tissue factor and LDL.
Sandler N., Zhang X., Bosch R., Funderburg N., Robinson J., Douek D., Wilson C., Deeks S., Lederman M., Gandhi R
ACTGPosterAnalyses of HIV-1 viral dynamics during treatment with a regimen including an integrase inhibitor
Guedj J., Ribeiro R., Andrade A., Rosenkranz S., Lu D., Richman D., Strain M., Mellors J., Kuritzkes D., Perelson A
ACTGPosterEvaluation of HIV-1 reservoir characteristics in a therapeutic HIV-1 gag vaccine trial.
Li J., Heisey A., Ahmed H., Lederman M., Wang H., Zheng L., Schooley R., Kuritzkes D.
ACTGPosterPatterns of persistent viremia after 10 years of suppressive ART: ACTG A5276s .
Riddler S., Aga E., Bosch R., Eron J., Gandhi R., Bastow B., Mellors J.
ACTGPosterSafety and pharmacokinetics of novel dosing strategies to increase rifapentine exposures for TB: preliminary results from ACTG study A5311
Dooley K., Savic R., Park J., Cramer Y., Hafner R., Janik J., Marzinke M., Weiner M., Dorman S., Haas D.
ACTGPosterRelationship between efavirenz trough & CYP2B6 genotypes with rifampin-based TB therapy in STRIDE
Luetkemeyer A., Rosenkranz S., Lu D., Grinsztejn B., Sanchez J., Ssemmanda M., Sanne I., McIlleron H., Havlir D., Haas D
ACTGPosterThree months of weekly rifapentine + INH for M. tuberculosis infection in HIV-infected persons.
Sterling T., Benson C., Scott N., Miro J., Calvet G., Chaisson R., La Rosa A., Infante R., Chen M., Villarino M.
ACTGLate BreakerBone density changes after antiretroviral initiation with protease inhibitors or raltegravir.
Brown T., Moser C., Currier J., Ribaudo H., Rothenberg J., Dube M., Murphy R., Stein J., McComsey G.
ACTGLate BreakerACTG study A5283: Pharmacokinetic study of depot medroxygrogesterone acetate in HIV-infected women on lopinavir/ritonavir.
Cohn S., Luque A., Park J., Cramer Y., Aweeka F., Weinberg A., Livingston E., Klingman K., Bastow B., Watts H.
ACTGLate BreakerPre-ART HIV-1 RNA as well as on-treatment CD8 count and CD4/CD8 ratio predict residual viremia on ART
Riddler S., Aga E., Bosch R., Bastow B., Bedison M., Vagratian D., Eron J., Gandhi R., Mellors J.
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