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Working Groups

Legacy Project Advisory Group

Contact: Jeff Schouten

The Legacy Project Advisory Group is comprised of external experts in public health, community engagement, and research that address health disparities. They provide guidance and direction for the project, and advise HANC leadership on program direction. The members agree to act as ambassadors for the broad HIV research agenda in a manner that heightens awareness and increases the visibility of HIV clinical research with the target populations. Legacy is a long-term strategy to build upon existing relationships and partnerships and make new connections with leaders who have the power and influence to expand the reach of HIV prevention and care to all African Americans and Latinos at risk. This Advisory Group is critical to those connections.  

Legacy Project Working Group

Contact:  Louis Shackelford

The Legacy Project Work Group (LPWG) is comprised of members from HANC, Community Partners, network operations centers, clinical research site representatives, DAIDS, Office of AIDS Research and other NIH Institutes and Centers. The LPWG ensures that the HANC Legacy Project assist the DAIDS-funded HIV clinical trials networks to achieve increased inclusion of African-Americans, Latinos and Native Americans in HIV prevention and therapeutic research. Setting program objectives and monitoring progress toward those objectives are the fundamental tasks of this group. The LPWG works with the HANC staff to establish an annual strategic plan with objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.


Women's HIV Research Collaborative (WHRC)

Contact: Brian Minalga

The Women’s HIV Research Collaborative (WHRC), a working group of the Legacy Project, provides culturally appropriate guidance and leadership in development, implementation and dissemination of information about HIV research focused on and responsive to the needs of women and girls in the United States. The WHRC works to raise the visibility of issues related to HIV in women in the U.S. and promotes awareness of scientific research to women in disproportionately impacted communities. The WHRC focuses on advocating for HIV research with women living in the United States, but operates with a comprehensive awareness of the potential for women in America to benefit from HIV research that is being conducted internationally. To that end, WHRC’s focus is domestic, but its interests are both global and optimistic. (See WHRC full 2010 Statement of Urgency.pdf2010 Statement of Urgency.pdf.) 


WHRC Resources

NEW! Download the WHRC's training focused on the meaningful involvement of cisgender and transgender women in HIV cure-related research:

Women in HIV Cure Research Training.pdfWomen in HIV Cure Research Training.pdf

Speakers Notes HIV Cure Slide Deck.pdfSpeakers Notes HIV Cure Slide Deck.pdf

PowerPoint slides are available upon request. 


View the WHRC's factsheet commemorating National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2019: NWGHAAD2019.pdfNWGHAAD2019.pdf


Read the WHRC's 2017 World AIDS Day Statement.pdf2017 World AIDS Day Statement.pdf.


Looking for more information on PrEP and U.S. w​omen?

The Working Group on U.S. Women and PrEP has released a statement summarizing recommendations in response to what PrEP could mean as a prevention tool for U.S. women. Key points are outlined here.


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