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Be the Generation

Contact: Brian Minalga

We can be the generation to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic! And you can be part of the movement. The Be the Generation (BTG) project brings the latest information in biomedical HIV prevention research to the community. Research into Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, Treatment as Prevention, Microbicides, and Vaccines to prevent HIV can only work with the meaningful involvement of communities. With scientists and community members working together, we can Be the Generation to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Please get involved by making use of these resources!

Creating Awareness through Art Initiative (CATA)
Contact: Brian Minalga

The CATA initiative, in its formative research phase, is founded on the belief that the arts is a viable vehicle for raising awareness about HIV-related clinical trials, disseminating information about scientific research, connecting individuals to resources and service organizations, and building trust and dialogue around clinical trial participation in underrepresented, yet disproportionately affected, communities. CATA hopes to use a community-based participatory approach to partner community members in areas highly impacted by HIV with artists, cultural workers, clinical research site staff and artistic venues to provide a creative space that initiates community dialogue around the impact of HIV, how community members are critical leaders in the fight against ending the epidemic, and ways to partner with researchers to raise scientific literacy about ongoing HIV clinical trials and scientific breakthroughs in the field.
Historical Black Colleges and Universities Project (HBCU)
Contact: Louis Shackelford​   

Historically Black colleges and universities have been the foundation by which many African American students grow into maturity. Every year young people enter these black institutions seeking sustenance and guidance. Historically Black institutions stand at the gates of survival and possess the power to lead today’s community and tomorrow’s leaders. It is this pilot study that will examines the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of 1100 African American youth at HBCU’s between the ages of 16-25. The outcomes may support a need to address HIV/AIDS knowledge, stigma, awareness, and risk among Black college students.

National House and Ball Community Change Mobilization Project

Contact: Louis Shackelford​

The House/Ball community (HBC) is one of the most disproportionately impacted populations in the domestic HIV epidemic. The National House and Ball Community Change Mobilization Project, in partnership with REACH LA, will utilize the social capitol of key leaders and influencers in the HBC to spread the word about HIV clinical and therapeutic research, encourage HIV testing, provide culturally appropriate and scientifically accurate information about HIV clinical trial participation, and address barriers to and identify motivators for clinical trial participation.

Native American Engagement in HIV Clinical Research (NAEHCR)                                  
Contact: Brian Minalga

NAEHCR was a partnership between the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC) in Denver, CO and the Legacy Project in Seattle, WA. NAEHCR  worked collaboratively with local trial sites and Native Community Consultants to build relationships between clinical research staff and Native communities. NAECHR's aim was to increase the cultural humility of site staff and the awareness and involvement of urban Native communities in HIV clinical trials. For more information and access to the NAEHCR project guide, please visit here.

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