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One in two black men who have sex with men will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetimes.*

Here are 10 things you can do to make a difference!

1.      Visit the Center for Multicultural Health (CMH).

The CMH has plenty of resources available for African American men including free HIV testing and counseling, educational fora, and info about Emerald City Black Pride. Get tested and get $20! 


2.      Visit POCAAN.

POCAAN is committed to providing comprehensive, multicultural awareness and prevention messages aimed at addressing health disparities experienced in diverse communities.


3.      Consider taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy that’s as simple as taking one pill a day. Approximately 80,000 people in the US have used PrEP. A combination of insurance and drug assistance programs make PrEP very affordable—if not free! Check out this list of Seattle & King County PrEP Providers if you are interested in protecting yourself, your partners, and your community by taking PrEP. Want to learn more? Get more info here.


4.      Watch webinars hosted by the Legacy Project.

The Legacy project works nationally to increase awareness of and build support for HIV prevention and treatment clinical and behavioral research by addressing factors that influence participation of historically underrepresented communities. Watch and share these webinars, many of which explore issues in the HIV epidemic among Black men who have sex with men.


5.      Help find an HIV vaccine with the Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit.

The Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit enrolls local volunteers for global health related studies such as HIV, malaria and rhinovirus. These studies are conducted by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington. There’s no doubt that the world is desperately in need of an HIV vaccine.  Our researchers are leading the fight against HIV/AIDS through the pursuit of new and innovative prevention strategies.


6.      Participate in studies with the University of Washington AIDS Clinical Trials Unit.

The University of Washington AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (UW ACTU) is part of a network of sites around the country, and the world, that receive funding from the National Institutes of Health and the AIDS Clinical Trials Group to do research studies on HIV-related treatments for adults.


7.      Get AMPed!

AMP stands for Antibody Mediated Prevention. This is the idea of giving people antibodies to see if they will protect against HIV infection. This is the first study testing whether this antibody can prevent HIV infections in people.


8.      Be the Generation to End the AIDS Epidemic.

This website features lots of information about HIV prevention.  


9.      Learn more about HIV/AIDS research and how to get involved.


10.  Find out more about HIV Among African American Gay and Bisexual Men from the CDC.


*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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