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Objectives and Supporting Activities
​Objective ​Example Activity
​HANC organizes focused monthly and ad hoc conference calls with the six network Principal Investigators to address cross-cutting network leadership issues. HANC and DAIDS leadership also hold monthly conference calls to collaboratively identify and address issues and share updates on activities. HANC also holds a monthly call with the leadership of OCSO and a bimonthly call with the leadership of OSCO and OPCRO. ​HANC has facilitated a cross-network standardized collection of financial disclosure information from network investigators. HANC collated comments on revisions to the DAIDS Expedited Adverse Event Reporting manual and held discussions concerning implementation plans. HANC has also helped transition reporting requirements due to recent changes in the laws.
​The AIDS Clinical Trials Network Leadership Operations Group (NLOG) was originally charged with implementing and advancing optimal collaborative clinical trials research activities among the NIH-sponsored HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks. NLOG calls include the participation of representatives from 18 NIH Institutes and Centers and provide a venue for cross-network as well as cross-institute information sharing and discussion. HANC solicits information from the networks, NIH representatives and other partners to bring forward and organizes and facilitates quarterly teleconferences. ​HANC brings issues of cross-institute concern to the NLOG. Examples of topics discussed include the advantages and disadvantage of centralized IRBs and new Community Partners guidelines and training materials for community participants. HANC has solicited membership on the Behavioral Sciences Working Group from the NLOG members.
​The AIDS Clinical Trials Network Strategic Working Group (SWG) is a working group of ARAC that is intended to provide strategic review and planning for the coordinated research efforts of the NIAID-funded HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks. The SWG provides input on strategic issues that cut across all six HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks, including overall priority setting for research plans, assessment of research opportunities and coordinated strategic planning across the networks. The working group is convened 3-4 times a year by DAIDS to review and discuss scientific plans, progress and opportunities, specific protocols and cross-network issues. The HANC director participates in the SWG but the group is organized and facilitated by DAIDS. ​HANC is an active participant in all the SWG meetings and assists in scheduling upcoming SWG meetings.
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