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​HANC facilitates cross-Network leadership communication and coordination via monthly calls with the Principal Investigators of the NIH (Division of AIDS) HIV clinical trial networks (ACTG, HPTN, HVTN, IMPAACT, and MTN). Additionally, HANC facilities a cross-institute working group, the Network Leadership Operations Group. HANC also has regularly scheduled calls with the Director of DAIDS, and the Directors of OPCRO and OCSO. HANC also participates in NIAID’s Strategic Working Group.

Objectives and Supporting Activities

Learn more about the Objective and Supporting Activities that the HANC Leadership Working Groups and Committees engage in. More information ​​​​


    NIAID Division of AIDS

    The mission of DAIDS is to help ensure an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by increasing basic knowledge of the pathogenesis and transmission of HIV, supporting the development of therapies for HIV infection and its complications and co-infections, and supporting the development of vaccines and other prevention strategies.

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    The Strategic Working Group (SWG) provides external expert advice on the scientific priorities of the NIAID-funded HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks.

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    HANC organizes focused monthly and ad hoc conference calls with the six Network Principal Investigators, the Network Leadership Group (NLG), to address cross-cutting network leadership issues.

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    The Network Leadership Operations Group (NLOG) is charged with implementing and advancing optimal trans-NIH-institute collaborative clinical trials research activities among the NIH-sponsored HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks.

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