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Proficiency Testing Program
The VQA supplies blinded specimen panels (proficiency panels) to participating laboratories according to each proficiency program's schedule.  The panels are tested in a manner similar to patient specimens, and the data is collected, analyzed, and then scored by predetermined program criteria. The scores are returned to the laboratory.  If a laboratory has not achieved a satisfactory score, the VQA will proactively help a laboratory to determine the source of error so the problem can be corrected.

​VQA Proficiency Testing Schedule and Investigation Report Procedure

VQA Proficiency Shipping and Testing 2016-2017 Schedule

VQA Investigation Report Procedure


The VQA Advisory Board (VQAAB) is a forum for the monthly review of VQA proficiency testing results and other proficiency testing issues identified by the VQA, network representatives, data management center personnel and/or statisticians. Proficiency testing results, conference call minutes, and a roster of VQAAB members are available here.

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VQA Lab Status and Contact Information

Laboratory status for each assay and contact information.

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Information about the participation requirements for and scoring of the various types of proficiency testing virology provided by the VQA.

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Downloadable Data Sets

Data sets from multiple rounds of HIV-1 RNA proficiency testing are available for download.

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