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Guidelines for the Development of Plans for Back-Up Labs

Back-Up Cryo Labs

The IQA maintains a list of back-up PBMC cryopreservation labs enrolled in the IQA PBMC Cryopreservation Proficiency Testing Program.

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In certain circumstances (e.g., analyzer repair or breakdown, lack of available consumables, lack of required reagents or control material, continued failure in an EQA program or internal QC issues), a laboratory may need to use back-up equipment or a back-up laboratory for testing and reporting study specimen results. To ensure the safety of research subjects and the quality of data produced using back-up equipment, the primary testing laboratory must be able to demonstrate acceptable testing proficiency and equivalency between the primary and back-up instruments and/or laboratories for the relevant analyte(s) using tools such as laboratory audit reports, EQA history, instrument validations, comparison checks, and reference ranges.

The development and approval of a back-up plan that demonstrates equivalency between back-up instruments and/or laboratories is the responsibility of the director of the primary testing laboratory.

These guidelines are intended to provide information for the directors of clinical laboratories that perform testing for DAIDS-sponsored clinical trials. They outline the most thorough and ideal approach to developing and approving a back-up plan. However, the director of the primary laboratory may need to deviate from these guidelines depending on the analyte and the testing options available.
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