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Procedures and SOPs
Various HANC-coordinated laboratory working groups and committees work to harmonize procedures for use at multi-affiliated laboratories in order to reduce redundancy, increase efficiency and clarify expectations.

TB Sourcebook

The TB Sourcebook details essential technical components (Key Elements) of mycobacteriology​ laboratory procedures for laboratories participating in TB clinical trials sponsored by the ACTG and IMPAACT. More information


Cross-Network PB​​MC Processing SOP

Use of the Cross-Network PBMC Processing SOP is required for all laboratories cryopreserving PBMC for ACTG, IMPAACT, HPTN, HVTN and MTN. More information


Cross-Network Cold Chain Guidelines

The Cross-Network Cold Chain Guidelines describe guidance for utilizing and maintaining optimal cold chain temperature of specimens during retrieval or shipment. These guidelines are meant to supplement the Cross-Network PBMC Processing SOP. More information


Capturing Participant Data for Mucosal Sample Interpretation

This guide is intended as a user-friendly resource and quick-reference index, listing many of the participant characteristics that may be collected during clinical trialsinvolving mucosal sampling. More information


ACTG/IMPAACT Laboratory Manual

The ACTG/IMPAACT Lab Technologist Committee develops and maintains a variety of laboratory SOPs.

Current Laboratory Manual SOPs


ACTG/IMPAACT FBS Ordering Procedure

ACTG and IMPAACT laboratories must use approved FBS for culture experiments and PBMC cryopreservation. More information


ACTG/IMPAACT Shipping Information

More information


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