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Laboratory Activities

​Laboratories play a critical role in HIV/AIDS clinical trials, performing the tests that determine:

  • Virus level
  • Immune system health
  • Levels of therapeutic drugs
  • Levels of indicators of general health, such as red blood cells, calcium and blood sugar
  • The presence or absence of co-infections, such as tuberculosis or malaria
  • Integrity of samples

​HANC-Coordinated Laboratory Activities

HANC coordinates a variety of cross-network groups that communicate critical information across network laboratory programs, ensure standard quality assurance, harmonize laboratory processes, and improve diagnostics.

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Working Groups and Committees

HANC coordinates 13 cross-network working groups and committees.

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Resources for Laboratories

Woman with bindersThe HANC-coordinated cross-network laboratory groups and quality assurance partners continue to develop a variety of publicly available resources for network-affiliated laboratories:

  • Cross-Network PBMC Processing SOP
  • ACTG/IMPAACT Lab Manual
  • ACTG/IMPAACT FBS Ordering Procedure
  • Guidelines for quality assurance communication and data flow
  • Guidelines for the development of laboratory back-up plans
  • Primary Network Laboratory (PNL) assignments
  • VQA Resources

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VQA Resources

Virology Quality Assurance (VQA) provides quality and assay support to all DAIDS-affiliated virology labs.

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process chartProcedures

As laboratory procedures are harmonized across networks, they are made available to laboratories here.

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HANC works with a variety of organizations to support laboratory activities in HIV/AIDS clinical trials.

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