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The goal of this project is to carry out targeted, utility-focused evaluation studies of stakeholder-identified critical success factor domains for the DAIDS clinical research enterprise (i.e., including the Division of AIDS and it’s HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks) in order to identify systems, policies and practices that can be modified/improved for increased efficiency and effectiveness. The project is coordinated through the Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC) providing central leadership, in partnership with Concept Systems, Inc (CSI), the latter playing a pivotal role in the conception, design and conduct of the evaluation studies. Building from initial pilot study efforts in each of the four stakeholder-identified domains previously identified, these evaluation studies are expected to: a) yield detailed information about the current functioning of the network enterprise; b) identify areas for integration of data sets and analyses across areas of evaluation; c) indicate ways to improve processes and identify best-practices; and d) generate recommendations that can guide continuous improvement among the current networks, and inform future iterations of the NIAID clinical research networks.

Federal statutory and NIH mandates require DAIDS to conduct evaluations of its operations and programs. It has been posited that a comprehensive, integrated evaluation system will support DAIDS and its investigators in identifying critical success factors, defining and implementing best practices, and assessing progress towards achieving the mutual goals of scientific excellence, integration of therapeutics and prevention research, efficient use of resources, and effective collaboration.


​NIAID HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Evaluation System

Globally, health research organizations are called upon to re-examine their policies and practices to more efficiently and effectively address current scientific and social needs, as well as increasing public demands for accountability.

Through a case study approach, the authors examine an effort undertaken by NIAID to develop an evaluation system for its recently restructured HIV/AIDS clinical trials program.

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​Domains of Activity

  • Operations, Policies and Resources
  • Community and Participants
  • Scientific Agenda and Objectives
  • Communication, Collaboration and Harmonization
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