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Community Partners

​Community Partners (CP) is a cross-network body charged by the Network Leadership and the Division of AIDS (DAIDS) with promoting effective representation of the many communities within which the National Institutes of Health (NIH) HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks conduct research. CP conducts activities regularly through conference calls and online tools such as email and a web portal system that allows for document collaboration and discussion boards.

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​Community Partners Activities

Community Partners focuses on improving intra- and inter-network community input at all levels, identifying and developing programs to meet the training and support requirements of local Community Advisory Boards, increasing the representation and participation of community members from resource-limited settings and vulnerable populations, and identifying and addressing challenges to participation in clinical trials.

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Working Groups and Committees

HANC coordinates cross-network working groups and committees.

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​Community Training Materials

The HANC-coordinated cross-network activities of Community Partners includes the development of documents and guidelines covering various aspects of community engagement in clinical research which are publicly available:

  • Understanding the clinical research process and The role of a CAB and principles of community involvement
  • Recommendations for Community Involvement in NIAID Clinical Trials Networks

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Research Participation

Get involved in HIV clinical research.

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Community Partners Locations

Community Partners are located at many different sites around the world.

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Community Advocacy

There are a variety of organizations to support community engagement activities in HIV/AIDS clinical trials.

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