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Communications Objectives for 2019

Communications Objective #1: Review network communications efforts and consider best practices that could be employed within the networks. 

Strategies and activities to support this objective:

  • Share experiences with creative design, advertising, and development of materials to aid with participant recruitment for network studies. 

  • Share video production tools and experiences. 

  • Share experiences using new technologies, social media, and network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and track web traffic generated from new media sites. 

  • Share network communications strategies, external relations policies, and strategies related to study launch, DSMB review, and results dissemination. 

  • Share community engagement strategies

Communications Objective #2: Invite key stakeholders, opinion-makers, and experts in the field to present on working group calls. Areas of expertise could include: journalists, advocates, bloggers, and communications professionals. 

Communications Objective #3: Share messaging strategies around and leading up to major studies, particularly for high profile studies and multi-network studies.

Strategies and activities to support this objective: 

  • ​Share and disseminate network submissions to major conferences for HIV/AIDS research. 
  • Provide updates on major study milestones that may impact other studies in the field.


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