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Behavioral and Social Science Publications

Below, we have added a Behavioral and Social Science Publications Library. This library is an important resource for behavioral and social scientists as well as those interested in relevant topics in HIV social and behavioral research.  Each entry includes PubMed IDs, article abstract, and a link to the full text (if available). Please remember to cite any sources you use.

NOTE: You may filter content by "hovering" your mouse over author or title and clicking on the drop down menu. Resources can be conveniently sorted by subject area, such as topic and journal.

AIDSIncreased risk of HIV-1 transmission in pregnancy: a prospective study among African HIV-1 serodiscordant couplesRisk Assessment, Serodiscordant Couples, Women, MTCT
AIDSTemporal changes in risk factors associated with HIV seroconversion among injection drug users in Eastern Central CanadaSubstance Abuse, Behavior
American Journal of Public HealthRandomized Clinical Trial of Brief Risk Reduction Counseling for Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic Patients in Cape Town, South AfricaBehavior, Black, Women
PLoS OneThe Spread of HIV in Pakistan: Bridging of the Epidemic between PopulationsAdolescents/Youth, Behavior, MSM, Substance Abuse, Women
High Prevalance of Self-Reported Undiagnosed HIV despirte High Coverage of HIV Testing: a Cross-sectional Population Based Sero-Survey in South AfricaBehavior
Women's Health IssuesKeeping Our Hearts from Touching The Ground: HIV/AIDS in American Indian and Alaska Native WomenBehavior, Substance Abuse, Women
JAIDSEfficacy of Behavioral Interventions to Increase Condom Use and Reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Meta-Analysis, 1991 to 2010Behavior, Intervention
MMWR Weekly ReportVital Signs: HIV Prevention Through Care and Treatment – United StatesBehavior, Intervention
AIDS and BehaviorHIV Disclosure and Sexual Transmission Behaviors among an Internet Sample of HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Asia: implications for prevention with positivesBehavior, Intervention, MSM
Journal of Infectious DiseasesCytokine Profile in Genital Tract Secretions from Female Adolescents: Impact of HIV, HPV and other Sexually Transmitted PathogensAdolescents/Youth, Women
J. Pediatric PsychologyExploring Factors Associated with Nonchange in Condom Use Behavior following Participation in an STI/HIV Prevention Intervention for African-American Adolescent FemalesAdolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, Intervention
JAIDSWhat’s Love Got to Do With It? Explaining Adherence to Oral Antiretroviral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV-Serodiscordant CouplesAdherence, Serodiscordant Couples, Women
Sci Transl MedSemen enhances HIV infectivity and impairs the antiviral efficacy of microbicidesAdherence, Behavior
PLoS OneHigh Incidence Is Not High Exposure: What Proportion of Prevention Trial Participants Are Exposed to HIV?Behavior, Women
JAMA Intern Med.Human Immunodeficiency Virus transmission at each step of the care continuum in the Adherence, Behavior, Recruitment & Retention, Substance Abuse
Sci RepSexual behavior, risk perception, and HIV transmission can respond to HIV antiviral drugs and vaccines through multiple pathwaysAdherence, Behavior, Intervention
PLoS OneSexual Risk Behaviours and Willingness to Be Circumcised among Uncircumcised Adult Men in Uganda.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Intervention
JMIR Public Health Surveill. The Annual American Men's Internet Survey of Behaviors of Men Who have Sex with Men in the United States: 2014 Key Indicators Report.Behavior, MSM, Substance Abuse
AIDS and BehaviorMixed-Method Evaluation of Social Media-Based Tools and Traditional Strategies to Recruit High-Risk and Hard-to-Reach Populations into an HIV Prevention Intervention Study.Behavior, MSM, Recruitment & Retention, Transgender women
AIDS and BehaviorExpanding the Menu of HIV Prevention Options: A Qualitative Study of Experiences with Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir as PrEP in the Context of a Phase II Trial in the United States.Adherence, Behavior, Women, qualitative research
AIDS and BehaviorPatterns of Gender-Based Violence and Associations with Mental Health and HIV Risk Behavior Among Female Sex Workers in Mombasa, Kenya: A Latent Class Analysis.Behavior, Women, female sex workers
IB Zablotska, SJ Vaccher, M Bloch, et al.; High Adherence to HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and No HIV Seroconversions Despite High Levels of Risk Behaviour and STIs: The Australian Demonstration Study PrELUDE.Adherence, Behavior, MSM, Women, transgender persons
   Sikkema KJ, Hansen NB, Kochman A, Santos J, Watt MH, Wilson PA, Delorenzo A, Laudato J, Mayer GJ Community Psychol.THE DEVELOPMENT AND FEASIBILITY OF A BRIEF RISK REDUCTION INTERVENTION FOR NEWLY HIV-DIAGNOSED MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN.Behavior, Intervention, MSM, Risk Reduction Counseling
 A Corneli, B Perry, K Agot, et al.; PLoS OneFacilitators of Adherence to the Study Pill in the FEM-PrEP Clinical Trial.Adherence, Behavior, Women
 A. Anyamene, C. Nwokolo, E. Anyachebelu, I. Obum-OkekeInternational Journal of Pyschology and CounselingInfluence of the Knowledge of HIV/AIDS on Behaviour Change Among Adolescents in Anambra State, NigeriaAdolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, Risk Assessment
 A. O’Leary, KJ Horbath, BR Simon RosserAIDS and BehaviorAssociations Between Partner-Venue Specific Personal Responsibility Beliefs and Transmission Risk Behavior by HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)”; Behavior, MSM
 A. Pettifor, NL Nguyen, C. Celum, et al.; J Int AIDS Soc.Tailored combination prevention packages and PrEP for young key populations.Adherence, Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, MSM, Substance Abuse, transgender
 B. Magazi, J. Stadler, S. Delany-Moretlwe, et al. BMC Womens HealthInfluences on visit retention in clinical trials: insights from qualitative research during the VOICE trial in Johannesburg, South Africa.Adherence, Intervention, Women
 CJ Chandler, LA Bukowski, DD Matthews, et alAIDS and BehaviorExamining the Impact of a Psychosocial Syndemic on Past Six-Month HIV Screening Behavior of Black Men who have Sex with Men in the United States: Results from the POWER Study.Behavior, Black, MSM, Substance Abuse, syndemics
 D. Rosenfeld, B. Bartlam, and RD SmithGerontologistOut of the Closet and Into the Trenches: Gay Male Baby Boomers, Aging, and HIV/AIDSBehavior, MSM
 DA Hickson, NL Truong, N Smith-Bankhead, et al.; PLoS OneRationale, Design and Methods of the Ecological Study of Sexual Behaviors and HIV/STI among African American Men Who Have Sex with Men in the Southeastern United States (The MARI Study).Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, MSM, Novel Technologies
 ET Montgomery, A. van der Straten, J. Stadler, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorMale partner influence on women’s HIV prevention trial participation and use of PrEP: the importance of ‘understanding’Adherence, Behavior, Women, male partner influence
 GM Kassa, G Degu, M Yitayew, et al.; Int Sch Res Notices. Risky Sexual Behaviors and Associated Factors among Jiga High School and Preparatory School Students, Amhara Region, Ethiopia.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Substance Abuse
 J. Aho, A. Hakim, B. Vuylsteke, et al. plOS oNEExploring Risk Behaviors and Vulnerability for HIV among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire: Poor Knowledge, Homophobia and Sexual Violence.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, Intervention, MSM
 J. Daniels, A. Komarek, T. Makusha, et al.Effects of a community intervention on HIV prevention behaviors among men who experienced childhood sexual or physical abuse in four African settings: Findings from NIMH Project Accept (HPTN 043); Behavior, Black
 JM White, MJ Mimiagi, SL Resner, KH MayerJournal of Urban HealthHIV Sexual Risk Behavior among Black Men Who Meet Other Men on the Internet for SexBehavior, Black, MSM, Substance Abuse
 JS Montaner, VD Lima, PR Harrington, et al. PLoS OneExpansion of HAART Coverage Is Associated with Sustained Decreases in HIV/AIDS Morbidity, Mortality and HIV Transmission: The "HIV Treatment as Prevention" Experience in a Canadian Setting.Adherence
 K Falb, S Tanner, K Asghar, et al.; Confl Health.Implementation of Audio-Computer Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) among adolescent girls in humanitarian settings: feasibility, acceptability, and lessons learned.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Novel Technologies, Women
 K Govender, S Beckett, W Masebo, et alAIDS and BehaviorEffects of a Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention on Reduction of HIV Risk Behaviours and Improving HIV Testing Rates Among Populations located near Roadside Wellness Clinics: A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial in South Africa, Zimbabwe and MozambiBehavior, Intervention, Novel Technologies, mhealth
 K Risher, T Rehle, L Simbayi, et al.AIDS and BehaviorAntiretroviral Treatment and Sexual Risk Behavior in South Africa.Adherence, Behavior, Women
 KB Loelinger, ML Biggs, R Young; et al.; AIDS and BehaviorGender Differences in HIV Risk Behaviors Among Persons Involved in the U.S. Criminal Justice System and Living with HIV or at Risk for HIV: A "Seek, Test, Treat, and Retain" Harmonization Consortium.Behavior, Intervention, Serodiscordant Couples, Substance Abuse, Women
 KJ Salas-Espinoza, R Menchaca-Diaz, TL Patterson, et alAIDS and BehaviorHIV Prevalence and Risk Behaviors in Male to Female (MTF) Transgender Persons in Tijuana, Mexico.Behavior, Substance Abuse, Transgender women
 KL Hess, PR Chavez, D. Kanny, et al.; Drug Alcohol Depend.Binge drinking and risky sexual behavior among HIV-negative and unknown HIV status men who have sex with men, 20 US cities.Behavior, MSM, Substance Abuse
 KW Koh, LS Young. Interdiscip Perspect Infect Dis. HIV risk perception, sexual behavior, and HIV prevalence among MSM at a community-based voluntary counseling and testing center in Kuala Lumpar, MalaysiaBehavior, MSM, Substance Abuse
 L Goparaju, NC Praschan, L Warren-Jeanpiere, et alJ AIDS Clin Res.Stigma, Partners, Providers and Costs: Potential Barriers to PrEP Uptake among US Women.Adherence, Behavior, Women, PrEP
 L Kann, T McManus, WA Harris, et alMMWR Surveill Summ. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance - United States, 2017.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Racial Disparities, Substance Abuse
 L. Jeyaseelan, S. Kuma, R. Mohanraj, et al.AIDS and BehaviorAssessing HIV/AIDS stigma in South India: Validation and Abridgement of the Berger HIV Stigma ScaleAdherence, Behavior
 LB Hightow-Weidman, M Magnus, G Beauchamp, et alClin Infect Dis. Incidence and Correlates of STIs among Black Men who have Sex with Men Participating in the HPTN 073 PrEP Study.Adherence, Behavior, Black, Intervention, MSM
 M Hoenigl, A Chaillon, SR Morris, SJ LittleSci Rep. HIV infection rates and risk behavior among young men undergoing community-based testing in San DiegoAdolescents/Youth, Behavior, Intervention, MSM, Substance Abuse
 M. Okome-Nkoumou, V. Guiyedi, A. Dzeing-Ella, et al.Open AIDS J. Socio-Demographic and Behavioral Factors Associated with the Desire to Procreate Among Patients Living with HIV in Gabon.Adherence, Behavior, Women
 MA Davey-Rothwell, MA Villarroel, SD Grieb, CA LatkinJournal Urban HealthNorms, Attitudes, and Sex Behaviors among Women with Incarcerated Main PartnersBehavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling, Women
 N. Kyegombe, T. Abramsky, KM Devries, et al. J Int AIDS Soc.The impact of SASA!, a community mobilization intervention, on reported HIV-related risk behaviours and relationship dynamics in Kampala, Uganda.Behavior, Black, Intervention, Women, Intimate partner violence
 P Seth, J Raiford, RJ DiClemente; Factors Associated with HIV Testing among African American Female Adolescents in Juvenile Detention Centers.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, Women
 RM Grant, PPL Anderson, V. McMahan, et al. PLOS OneThe Contribution of Emotional Partners to Sexual Risk Taking and Violence among Female Sex Workers in Mombasa, Kenya: A Cohort Study.Behavior, Intervention, Women, Violence
 RM Grant, PPL Anderson, V. McMahan, et al. Lancet Infect Dis. Uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis, sexual practices, and HIV incidence in men and transgender women who have sex with men: a cohort study.Adherence, Behavior, MSM, transgender
 S Vaccher, A Grulich, J McAllister, et alBMJ OpenProtocol for an open-label, single-arm trial of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among people at high risk of HIV infection: the NSW Demonstration Project PRELUDE.Adherence, Behavior, MSM, Risk Assessment, Women
 SW Feldstein Ewing, SG Ryman, AS Gillman, et alAIDS and BehaviorDevelopmental Cognitive Neuroscience of Adolescent Sexual Risk and Alcohol Use.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Intervention, Neurocognitive Assessment, Substance Abuse
 T Balachova, A Shaboltas, A Nasledov, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorAlcohol and HIV Risk Among Russian Women of Childbearing Age.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Substance Abuse, Women
 T Henry-Akintobi, N Laster, J Trotter, et alInt J Environ Res Public Health.The Health, Enlightenment, Awareness, and Living (HEAL) Intervention: Outcome of an HIV and Hepatitis B and C Risk Reduction Intervention.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, Intervention, Racial Disparities, Risk Reduction Counseling, Substance Abuse, Women
.Sexuality, Sexual Practices, and HIV Risk Among Incarcerated African-American Women in North Carolina.Behavior, Black, Substance Abuse, Women
A Buve, E Lagarde, M Carael, et al.AIDSInterpreting Sexual Behaviour Data: Validity Issues in the Multicentre Study on Factors Determining the Differential Spread of HIV in Four African CitiesBehavior
A Corneli, K Meagher, G Henderson, et al.; AIDS BehaviorHow Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials Incorporate Behavioral and Social Sciences Research: A Typology of Approaches.BSSR
A Corneli, S Field, E Namey, et alPLoS OnePreparing for the Rollout of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): A Vignette Survey to Identify Intended Sexual Behaviors among Women in Kenya and South Africa if Using PrEP.Adherence, Behavior, Black, Women
A Dzomba, A Tomita, K Govender, F TanserAIDS and BehaviorEffects of Migration on Risky Sexual Behavior and HIV Acquisition in South Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, 2000-2017.Behavior, Intervention
A Gama, A Abecasis, M Pingarilho, et alArch Sex BehaviorCruising Venues as a Context for HIV Risky Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men.Behavior, Intervention, MSM
A Goldblatt, Z Kwea, M Lahiff, et alPLoS OnePrevalence and Correlates of HIV Infection among Street Boys in Kisumu, Kenya.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Substance Abuse
A Grangeiro, D Ferraz; G Calazans, et alRev Bras Epidemiol.The effect of prevention methods on reducing sexual risk for HIV and their potential impact on a large-scale: a literature review.Behavior, Intervention, prevention methods
A Mantsios, N Galai, J Mbwambo, et alAIDS and BehaviorCommunity Savings Groups, Financial Security, and HIV Risk Among Female Sex Workers in Iringa, Tanzania.Women, female sex workers
A Neaigus, SM Jenness, KH Reilly, et alAIDS and BehaviorCommunity Sexual Bridging Among Heterosexuals at High-Risk of HIV in New York CityBehavior, Black, Latino/Latina, Substance Abuse
A O’Leary, JB Jemmott III, LS Jemmott, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorMediation of an Efficacious HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for South African Men.Behavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling
A Pettifor, A Corneli, G Kamagna, et al.; PLoS OneHPTN 062: A pilot randomized controlled trial exploring the effect of a motivational-interviewing intervention on sexual behavior among individuals with HIV infection in Lilongwe, MalawiBehavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling
A Pettifor, C MacPhail, A Corneli, et al.AIDS BehaviorContinued High Risk Sexual Behavior Following Diagnosis wiht Acute HIV Infection in South Africa and Malawi: Implications for PreventionBehavior
A Rao, K Tobin, M Davey-Rothwell, CA LatkinAIDS and BehaviorSocial Desirability Bias and Prevalence of Sexual HIV Risk Behaviors Among People Who Use Drugs in Baltimore, Maryland: Implications for Identifying Individuals Prone to Underreporting Sexual Risk Behaviors.Behavior, Substance Abuse, Women
A Schwitters, J Sabatier, P Seth, et alBMC Public HealthHIV and alcohol knowledge, self-perceived risk for HIV, and risky sexual behavior among young HIV-negative men identified as harmful or hazardous drinkers in Katutura, Namibia.Behavior, Substance Abuse
A Shahesmaeili, AA Haghdoost, H Soori; Int J High Risk Behav Addict. Developing a Brief Scale to Measure HIV Transmission Risk Among Injecting Drug Users.Behavior, Intervention, Substance Abuse
A Sharma, E Kahle, K Todd, et alTransgend Health. Variations in testing for HIV and other STIs across gender identity among transgender youthAdolescents/Youth, Behavior, transgender youth
A Ssetaala, J Nakiyingi-Miiro, S Asiimwe, et al.; Pan Afr Med J.Recruitment and retention of women in fishing communities in HIV prevention researchBehavior, Intervention, Recruitment & Retention, Women
A Swartzendruber, JM Sales, ES Rose, RJ DiClementeAIDS and BehaviorAlcohol Use Problems and Sexual Risk Among Young Adult African American Mothers.Black, Substance Abuse, Women
A. Ammassari, MP Trotta, N. Shalev, et al.JAIDSTimed Short Messaging Service Improves Adherence and Virological Outcomes in HIV-1 Infected Patients with Suboptimal Adherence to Antiretroviral TherapyAdherence, Behavior
A. Awoitidebe, J. Phillips, W. LensFactors Contributing to the Risk of HIV Infection in Rural School-Going Adolescents.Adolescents/Youth, Behavior
A. Bansal, E. Gough, D. Ritter, et al.AIDSGroup M-based HIV-1 Gag peptides are frequently targeted by T cells in chronically infected US and Zambian patients
A. Boccour, TC Renaud, MR Wong, et al.JAIDSDifferences in risk behaviors and partnership patterns between younger and older men who have sex with men in New York CityBehavior, Black, Latino/Latina, MSM, Risk Assessment
A. Carballo-Dieguez, T. Frasca, C. Dolezal, & I. BalanJ. Sex ResearchWill Gay and Bisexually Active Men at High Risk of Infection Use Over-the-Counter Rapid HIV Tests to Screen Sexual Partners?Behavior, MSM
A. Carballo-Dieguez, T. Frasca, C. Dolezal, et al.Journal of Sex ResearchWill Gay and Bisexually Active Men at High Risk of Infection Use Over-the-Counter Rapid HIV Tests to Screen Sexual Partners?”; Behavior, MSM
A. Chandra, VG Billioux, CE CopenNatl Health Stat Report.HIV Risk-Related Behaviors in the US Household Population Aged 15-44 Years: Data from the National Survey of Family Growth, 2002 and 2006-2010Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Latino/Latina, Racial Disparities, Risk Assessment, Substance Abuse, Women
A. Cori, H. Ayles, N. Beyers, et al. PLoS OneHPTN 071 (PopART): a cluster-randomized trial of the population impact of an HIV combination prevention intervention including universal testing and treatment: mathematical model.Adherence, Behavior, Black, Intervention
A. de Voux, AC Spaulding, C. Beckwith, et al.PLoS OneEarly Identification of HIV: Empirical support for Jail-Based ScreeningAdherence, Behavior, Substance Abuse
A. Dutta, AL Wirtz, S. Baral, et al.Current Opinion on HIV/AIDSKey harm reduction interventions and their impact on the reduction of risky behavior and HIV incidence among people who inject drugs in low-income and middle-income countriesAdherence, Behavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling, Substance Abuse
A. Harris, S. Jubwe, S. Kennedy, et al.African Health SciencesCondom social marketing program to prevent HIV/AISD in post-conflict LiberiaAdolescents/Youth, Black, Risk Assessment
A. Hussain, D. Moodley, S. Naido, TM EsterhuizenPLoS OnePregnant Women's Access to PMTCT and ART Services in South Africa and Implications for Universal Antiretroviral TreatmentAdherence, Behavior, Women
A. Kapur, JA Schneider, D. Heard, et al.  PLoS OneA Digital Network Approach to Infer Sex Behavior in Emerging HIV Epidemics.Behavior
A. Lasry, SL Sansom, RJ Wolitski, et al. AIDSHIV sexual transmission risk among serodiscordant couples: assessing the effects of combining prevention strategies.Adherence, Behavior, Serodiscordant Couples, Women
A. Mazhnaya, TI Andreeva, S. Samuels, et al. J Int AIDS Soc.The potential for bridging: HIV status awareness and risky sexual behaviour of injection drug users who have non-injecting permanent partners in Ukraine.Substance Abuse
A. Nunn, A. Cornwall, N. Chute, et al.Keeping the Faith: African American Faith Leaders’ Perspectives and recommendations for reducing Racial Disparities in HIV/AIDS InfectionBehavior, Black, Intervention
A. O’Leary, JB Jemmott, R. StevensAIDS and BehaviorOptimism and Education Buffer the Effects of Syndemic Conditions on HIV Status Among African American Men Who Have Sex with Men.Behavior, Black, MSM, Risk Reduction Counseling
A. Pandor, E. Kaltenthaler, A. Higgins, et alBMC Public Health. Sexual health risk reduction interventions for people with severe mental illness: a systematic review.Behavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling, Substance Abuse
A. Pandor, E. Kaltenthaler, A. Higgins, et al.; BMC Public HealthSexual health risk reduction interventions for people with severe mental illness: a systematic review.Behavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling, Substance Abuse
A. Pettifor, NL Nguyen, C. Celum, et al.; J Int AIDS Soc. Tailored combination prevention packages and PrEP for young key populations.Adherence, Adolescents/Youth, Behavior, Intervention, MSM, Substance Abuse, transgender persons
A. Phillips, G. Gomez, M. Boily et alInternational Journal of EpidemiologyA Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Quantitative Interviewing Tolls to Investigate Self-Reported HIV and STI Associated Behaviours in Low and Middle Income CountriesBehavior
A. Rodger, A. Phillips, T. Bruun, et al.BNC Public HealthPartners of people on ART- a New Evaluation of the Risks (The PARTNER study): design and methodsAdherence, Behavior, MSM, Serodiscordant Couples
A. Sarna, LR Saraswati, M. Sebastian, et al., Drug Alcohol DependencyHigh HIV incidence in a cohort of male injection drug users in Delhi, India.Behavior, Substance Abuse
A. Sharma, PS Sullivan, CM KhosropourWillingness to Take a Free Home HIV Test and Associated Factors among Internet-Using Men Who Have Sex with MenBehavior, Black, MSM
A. Silva-Santisteban, HF Raymond, X Salazar, et al.AIDS and BehaviorUnderstanding the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Transgender Women of Lima, Peru: Results from a Sero-Epidemiologic Study Using Respondent Driven SamplingBehavior, Epidemiology, MSM
A. van der Straten, A. Mayo, ER Brown, et al., AIDS and BehaviorPerceptions and experiences with VOICE adherence strengthening program (VASP) in the MTN-003 trialAdherence, Behavior, Black, Women
A. van der Straten, J. Stadler, E, Montgomery, et al. PLoS OneWomen’s experiences with oral and vaginal PrEP: The VOICE-C qualitative study in Johannesburg, South AfricaAdherence, Behavior, Black, Women
A. van der Straten, J. Stadler, E. Luecke, et al. J Int AIDS Soc. Perspectives on use of oral and vaginal antiretrovirals for HIV prevention: the VOICE-C qualitative study in Johannesburg, South AfricaAdherence, Behavior, Black, Women
A. van der Straten, J. Stadler, E. Montgomery, et al. PLoS One. Women's experiences with oral and vaginal pre-exposure prophylaxis: the VOICE-C qualitative study in Johannesburg, South Africa.Adherence, Behavior, Black, Women
A. van Sighem, B. Vidondo, TR Glass, et al.PLoS OneResurgence of HIV Infection among MSM in Switzerland: Mathematical Modelling StudyBehavior, Intervention, MSM
A. van Sighem, I. Jansen, D. Bezemer, et al.AIDSIncreasing sexual risk behavior amongst Dutch MSM: mathematical models versus prospective cohort dataBehavior, MSM
AA Adedimeji, DR Hoover, Q. Shi, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorSexual behavior and risk practices of HIV positive and HIV negative Rwandan WomenBehavior, Black, Women
AA Adeomi, OA Adeoye, EO Asekun-Olarinmoye, et al.AIDS Res TreatEvaluation of the effectiveness of peer education in improving HIV knowledge, attitude, and sexual behaviours among in-school adolescents in Osun State, NigeriaAdolescents/Youth, Behavior, Black, Intervention
AA Simoes, FI Bastos, RI Moreira, et al.Drug Alcohol DependencyAcceptability of ACASI among substance abusers seeking treatment in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilBehavior, Substance Abuse, ACASI
AA Simoes, FI Bastos, RI Moreira, et al.J,. Substance Abuse TreatmentA randomized trial of audio computer and in-person interview to assess HIV risk among drug and alcohol users in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilBehavior, Substance Abuse, ACASI
AB Eisingerich, A. Wheelock, GB Gomez, et al.PLoS OneAttitudes and Acceptance of Oral and Parenteral HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis among Potential User Groups: A Multinational StudyAdherence, Behavior, MSM, Women
Abbott SA, Friedland BA, Sarna A, Katzen LL, Rawiel U, Srikrishnan AK, Shalini CS, Tun W, Kelly CA, Solomon S, Mensch BS.AIDS Behav.An Evaluation of Methods to Improve the Reporting of Adherence in a Placebo Gel Trial in Andhra Pradesh, India.Adherence, Behavior, Novel Technologies, Women
Abraham Mukolo, Kenneth A. WallstonSpringer Science and Business MediaThe Relationship Between Positive Psychological Attributes and Psychological Well-Being in Persons with HIV/AIDSBehavior
AD Augusto, PW Young, RZ Horth, et alAIDS and BehaviorHigh Burden of HIV Infection and Risk Behaviors Among Female Sex Workers in Three Main Urban Areas of Mozambique.Behavior, Black, Intervention, Women, female sex workers
AD Castel, M. Befus, S. Willis, et al.AIDSUse of community viral load as a population-based biomarker of HIV burdenBehavior, Intervention
AD Gandhi, A Pettifor, C Barrington, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorMigration, Multiple Sexual Partnerships, and Sexual Concurrency in the Garífuna Population of Honduras.Behavior, Latino/Latina, Women
Adams J, Nowels C, Corsi KJAIDSHIV risk after release from prison: a qualitative study of former inmatesRisk Assessment, Risk Reduction Counseling, Substance Abuse
Ades PA, Gaalema DE.Prev MedCoronary heart disease as a case study in prevention: potential role of incentives.Behavior, Financial Incentive, Incentives
Adimora AA, Ramirez C, Auerbach JD, Aral SO, Hodder S, Wingood G, El-Sadr W, Bukusi EA; HIV Prevention Trials Network Women at Risk Committee.JAIDSPreventing HIV infection in women.Women
AE Pedrana, ME Hellard, K. Wilson, et al.High Rates fo Undiagnosed HIV Infections in a Community Sample of Gay Men in Melbourne, AustraliaBehavior, MSM
AJ Hakim, J. Aho, G. Semde, et alPLoS OneThe Epidemiology of HIV and Prevention Needs of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.Behavior, MSM
AJ Londo, DA Borasky, Jr., A. BahnPLoS MedicineImproving Ethical Review of Research Involving Incentives for Health PromotionBehavior
AJ Ober, DT Dangerfield II, S Shoptaw, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorUsing a "Positive Deviance" Framework to Discover Adaptive Risk Reduction Behaviors Among High-Risk HIV Negative Black Men Who Have Sex with Men.Behavior, Black, MSM, Substance Abuse
AJ Ritchie, K. kuldanek, Z. Moodie, et al.PLoS OneComparison of Sexual Behavior and HIV Risk between 2 HIV-1 Seodiscordant Couple Cohorts: The CHAVI 002 StudyBehavior, MSM, Serodiscordant Couples
Akincigil A, Wilson IB, Walkup JTAIDS BehaviorAntidepressant Treatment and Adherence to Antiretroviral Medications Among Privately Insured Persons with HIV/AIDSAdherence
AL Bowring, V Veronese, JS Doyle, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorHIV and sexual risk among men who have sex with men and women in Asia: A systematic review and meta-analysisAsian Pacific Islander, Behavior, Intervention, MSM, Women
AL Corneli, K. McKenna, B. Perry, et al. JAIDSThe science of being a study participant: FEM-PrEP participants’ explanations for over reporting adherence to the study pills and for the whereabouts of unused pillsAdherence, Behavior, Novel Technologies, Qualitative data
AL Wirtz, CE Zelaya, C. Latkin, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorAlcohol Use and Associated Sexual and Substance Use Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Moscow, Russia.Behavior, MSM, Substance Abuse
Alex Carballo-Dieguez, Rebecca Giguere, Curtis Dolezal et al.AIDS Behav."Tell Juliana": Acceptability of the Candidate Microbicide VivaGel and Two Placebo Gels Among Ethinically Diverse, Sexually Active Young Women Participating in a Phase 1 Microbicide StudyAdherence, Behavior, Women
Alipour A, Haghdoost AA, Sajadi L, Zolala F.Sex Transm Infect. 2013 HIV prevalence and related risk behaviours among female partners of male injecting drugs users in Iran: results of a bio-behavioural survey, 2010.Behavior, Epidemiology, Substance Abuse, Women
Allen M, Lau CYSocial Science & MedicineSocial impact of preventive HIV vaccine clinical trialsRisk Assessment, Recruitment & Retention
Allison L. Agwu, MD, ScM, John A. Fleishman, PhD, P. Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH, et alJAIDSDisparities in Antiretroviral Treatment: A Comparison of Behaviorally HIV-Infected Youth and Adults in the HIV Research NetworkBehavior, Adolescent
Alsallaq RA, Baeten JM, Celum CL, Hughes JP, Abu-Raddad LJ, Barnabas RV, Hallett TB.PLoS OneUnderstanding the Potential Impact of a Combination HIV Prevention Intervention in a Hyper-Endemic Community.Adherence, Behavior, Intervention, Risk Reduction Counseling
Al-Tayyib AA, Thrun MW, Haukoos JS, Walls NE.AIDS Behav.Knowledge of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Denver, Colorado.Adherence, Behavior, MSM
Aluisio A, Richardson BA, Bosire RJAIDSMale antenatal attendance and HIV testing are associated with decreased infant HIV infection and increased HIV-free survivalRisk Assessment
AM Anderson, MW Ross, JE Nyoni, et al. High prevalence of stigma-related abuse among a sample of MSM in Tanzania: implications for HIV preventionBehavior, Black, Women
AM Dennis, W. Murillo, F. de Maria Hernandez, et al.JAIDSSocial network based recruitment successfully reveals HIV-1 transmission networks among high risk individuals in El SalvadorBehavior, MSM, Women
AM Leddy, C Underwood, MR Decker, et al.; AIDS and BehaviorAdapting the Risk Environment Framework to Understand Substance Use, Gender-Based Violence, and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Female Sex Workers in Tanzania.Behavior, Substance Abuse, Women, female sex workers
AM Nabukeyna, JKB MatovuBMC Public HealthCorrelates of HIV status awareness among older adults in Uganda: results from a nationally representative survey.Behavior, HIV testing
AM Roth, DJ Hensel, JD Fortenberry, et al. AIDS and BehaviorFeasibility and acceptability of cell phone diaries to measure HIV risk behavior among female sex workersBehavior, Substance Abuse, Women, sex worker
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