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Youth Prevention Research Working Group

The cross-network/trans-Institute Youth Prevention Working Group (YPRWG) was formed in the winter of 2012.  Its creation was a key recommendation emerging from the NIH “Focused initiatives for Healthier Lifestyles by the Inter Network Advisory Group on Adolescent Prevention” meeting.  The group consists of representatives from the NIH networks, the Adolescent Trials Network (ATN), DAIDS, NIAID, NIMH, NIDA, and NICHD.

The group addresses issues such as:  

   ·         Coordinate sharing of network adolescent research agendas

   ·         Address the challenge of conducting trials across multiple networks

   ·         Consider tangible outcomes such as dropping the mean age of network volunteers

   ·         Validate existing tools

   ·         Compare ongoing and upcoming studies

   ·         Consider adolescent issues early on in design process

   ·         Review relevant informed consent documents

   ·         Collate a set of core competencies


Youth Prevention Research Working Group Coordination Objectives for 2020


Youth Prevention Research Working Group Objective #1: Ensure cross network/trans-institute communication around research in adolescent populations. Working group members accomplish this goal by liaising with their respective network leadership and protocol team members to share their assessment of ongoing research initiatives as well as identify potential gaps in the adolescent research agenda.  

Youth Prevention Research Working Group Objective #2: Explore opportunities to provide resources (training materials, webinars, etc.) and expertise to sites conducting research with adolescents. The YPRWG will host webinars, symposiums, and trainings at network meetings and/or conferences as appropriate. Materials from YPRWG hosted webinars, symposiums, and trainings will be stored on the HANC website in the Youth Prevention Research Resource Library to increase visibility of these resources.   

Youth Prevention Research Working Group Objective #3: Explore the development of co-endorsed protocols or adolescent sub-studies. The YPRWG will discuss protocols in development on calls.

Youth Prevention Research Working Group Objective #4:  Ensure an ongoing dialogue between working group members and relevant stakeholders through regular review of working group projects, priorities, and objectives. 

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