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YPRWG Year 7 Work Plan Objectives

​1.  Collect and collate articles relevant to the conduct of clinical research in the adolescent/young adult population (12-24).  Resources will include protocols, best practices, case report forms, articles, etc. from both within and outside of HIV/AIDS research.  

2.  Identify key metadata terms and develop a robust searchable database of relevant materials.  The database will live on the HANC portal and be available to the research community.

3.  Analyze the existing research imperatives, trial results, and protocols in development to identify gaps in the scientific enterprise. 

4.  Working Group members will liaise with their respective Network Leadership and protocol team members to share the assessment of the ongoing research and consider ways to address the gaps. 

5.  Ensure cross-network/trans-Institute communication around research in the youth population. 

6.  Explore the development of co-endorsed protocols or adolescent sub-studies. 

7.  Monitor the success of the working group efforts over the course of its existence.

8.  Engage network community representatives and experts in the field.  At-large participants will be engaged as needed to address technical considerations such as data management and protocol design models.  

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