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Proposing a Network Behavioral Study IMPAACT

This page is for current and future network behavioral and social science researchers as they propose new studies, request data sets for additional analyses, apply for scholar programs, and liaise with colleagues.

Below, please find information on the steps required to propose a NIH HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Network study. Included are links to web pages offering details on proposing a study to the various NIH networks and committees addressing behavioral and social science questions.
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ACTG                                                    IMPAACT      ​

HPTN                                                    MTN

HVTN                                                    Affiliated Research Groups


​Proposals for new IMPAACT studies may be submitted by internal or external investigators in the form of a three-page study "capsule" any time. Capsules are first reviewed through the relevant Scientific Committee (SC). Those approved by the SC will move forward for review and prioritization by the Scientific Leadership Group (SLG). Capsules approved by the SLG will then be further described by the proposing investigators in a 10-page study "concept" plan. The concept plan will be reviewed by the relevant SC and the SLG to determine if development into a full study protocol is warranted.

The criteria outlined below are used for all stages of study proposal review—for capsules, concepts and protocols.

  • Scientific merit

    • Study is aligned with IMPAACT's scientific agenda and priorities

    • Hypothesis is scientifically sound and can be appropriately tested with the proposed study design

    • Study design and methods will yield the proposed outcomes

  •  Potential public health impact

    • Study is highly relevant to one or more IMPAACT study populations (infants, children, adolescents, pregnant/postpartum women affected by HIV)

    • Study will answer important public health questions or is in the critical pathway of research toward such answers

  • Feasibility and suitability for network implementation

    • Study population is available at IMPAACT-affiliated sites

    • Study conduct is feasible within the network structure

    • Study will benefit from a multisite and multidisciplinary collaboration with network support and oversight

Investigations using data from existing/completed IMPAACT studies should be proposed via a Data Analysis Concept Sheet (DACS).

Investigations using biological specimens from existing/completed IMPAACT studies should be proposed via a New Work Concept Sheet (NWCS).

Please contact with any questions or comments.

IMPAACT/ACTG Specimen Repository Interactive Search Tool

The specimen repositories are a collaboration between the ACTG and IMPAACT clinical trial networks to make the large body of specimens collected for HIV research available to investigators. You can use the interactive search tool on this website to learn about the types of specimens available at the repositories. After completing a search, you can see the number of specimens and unique participants available, information about the studies for which they were collected, and what research was published for those studies. The search tool will also provide you with a report that lists your specimens of interest. You can then use this report to help write your research proposal to the network.


All completed submissions should be sent to the IMPAACT Operations Center for consideration by the IMPAACT network using this email address:  Upon receipt, the Operations Center will confirm receipt of your submission.

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