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BSWG Objectives for 2017

Behavioral Science Objective 1: Maintain a repository of behavioral and adherence measures, data forms (CFRs), and standardized core elements of interventions accessible to partnering networks. The documents and links are housed on the HANC public website under “Behavioral Science Publications” and/or the HANC portal’s “Behavioral Science Interest Group Resource Center”.

Behavioral Science Objective 2: Improve information exchange among network-affiliated behavioral and social scientists. Identify and address opportunities to harmonize behavioral science research and tools across network studies.

Behavioral Science  Objective 3: Members of the BSWG will report back from plenary sessions at network annual meetings to discuss new developments and their implications for network science, take stock of lessons from related domains, provide new and ongoing adherence counseling training, elicit community working group input on adherence measures and counseling, etc.

Behavioral Science Objective 4: Collaborate on shared products such as white papers or manuscripts, conference proceedings, and workshops. The Working Group will explore hosting a topic-specific focus group in 2017 if funding is available.

Behavioral Science Objective 5: HANC will continue to manage a “Behavioral Science Interest Group” list serve and resource center whereby researchers can receive updates from the field, links to influential articles, network study updates, meeting information, etc. HANC will continue to host a “BSIG Topics of Interest” webinar series. Webinar recordings will be archived on the BSIG Resource Center. Expand the “BSIG Rx Connect” listserv, allowing members to pose research questions and receive comments and recommendations from the BSIG research community.

Behavioral Science Objective 6: Collate and identify behavioral data elements across network studies for analysis by scholars/fellows in network mentor programs and other junior investigators.

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