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Translation of a comprehensive health behavior intervention for women living with HIV: the SMART/EST Women's Program.


Jones DL, Lopez M, Simons H, Diaz-Gloster M, Tobin JN, Weiss SM.

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Transl Behav Med.

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​Translation of behavioral interventions into community settings for people living with HIV/AIDS can decrease the risk of comorbid conditions. This study was designed to determine whether a multiple health behavior intervention for women with HIV/AIDS could be effectively translated into community health centers (CHCs), delivered by CHC primary care staff. Health Resources and Services Administration-supported CHCs in Miami, FL, and the New York metropolitan area participated. Six health behavior domains were assessed at baseline, 6 months, and 12 months post-intervention: nutrition, physical activity, sexual risk behavior, alcohol use, drug use, and tobacco use. Behavioral outcomes were compared between research staff-led and CHC staff-led intervention groups. Research staff and CHC staff outcomes were similar for the majority of outcomes. Results indicate that complex, multicomponent behavioral interventions can be translated into community-based settings with existing CHC staff and can produce clinical effects similar to those achieved by research staff.




Behavior; Substance Abuse; Women


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