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Daily Short Message Service Surveys to Measure Sexual Behavior and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Use Among Kenyan Men and Women.


Curran K, Mugo NR, Kurth A, Ngure K, Heffron R, Donnell D, Celum C, Baeten JM.

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AIDS and Behavior

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​Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a novel HIV prevention strategy which requires high adherence. We tested the use of daily short message service (i.e., SMS/text message) surveys to measure sexual behavior and PrEP adherence in Kenya. Ninety-six HIV-uninfected adult individuals, taking daily oral PrEP in a clinical trial, received daily SMS surveys for 60 days. Most participants (96.9 %) reported taking PrEP on ≥80 % days, but 69.8 % missed at least one dose. Unprotected sex was reported on 4.9 % of days; however, 47.9 % of participants reported unprotected sex at least once. Unprotected sex was not correlated with PrEP use (OR = 0.95). Participants reporting more sex were less likely to report PrEP non-adherence and those reporting no sex were most likely to report missing a PrEP dose (adjusted OR = 1.87). PrEP adherence was high, missed doses were correlated with sexual abstinence, and unprotected sex was not associated with decreased PrEP adherence.




Adherence; Behavior; Novel Technologies; PrEP


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