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HIV Testing Behaviors Among Latinos in Baltimore City


NE Chen, JP Meyer, R. Bollinger, KR Page

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J Immigration Minor Health

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In the US, HIV disproportionately affects Latinos who often present late in the disease. Baltimore has seen a recent rapid growth in its Latino population paralleled by an increasing impact of HIV/AIDS among Latinos. From 2009 to 2010, we performed a cross-sectional survey of Latinos accessing the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) Latino Outreach services to assess self-report of previous HIV testing, with particular attention to migration history and risk behaviors. Of 247 Latinos (46% male) accessing BCHD outreach services, 96% were foreign-born. Self-perceived HIV risk was not associated with actual risk behaviors or HIV testing. In multivariate models, previous HIV testing was correlated with knowledge of HIV transmission modes and knowing that a person with HIV can appear healthy. Consistent with CDC recommendations, HIV screening among Latino immigrants should not be limited to individuals with self-perceived risk for HIV. Promoting key pieces of HIV knowledge may improve HIV testing behaviors.




Behavior; Latino/Latina; Women


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