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Standard Care for Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence and Retention in Care from the Perspective of Care Providers Attending the 5th International Conference on HIV Treatment Adherence


K. Rivet Amico

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To characterize standard clinical care for antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence and retention in HIV-care support
strategies among care providers attending the 2010 5th International Conference on HIV Treatment Adherence. Methods: A
brief survey was included in conference packets, covering adherence monitoring and support strategies and retention in care strategies
used in standard clinical care. Results: A total of 51 attendees returned surveys, representing clinical care provided to over
25 000 patients. Common adherence support strategies used included individual/group counseling, case management/systems navigation,
and pillbox organizers. Common retention strategies were transportation assistance, reminder calls, and system navigation
support. Conclusions: This small sample, likely representative of higher end quality adherence and retention care, suggests that
strategies for monitoring/promoting these behaviors are well-recognized as important and diversely addressed.With most respondents
feeling that improvements are needed, the potential for collaborative efforts between practice and research communities that
emphasize practice-based evidence and better dissemination and implementation of research are needed.






Adherence; Behavior; Risk Reduction Counseling


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