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Influence of the Knowledge of HIV/AIDS on Behaviour Change Among Adolescents in Anambra State, Nigeria


 A. Anyamene, C. Nwokolo, E. Anyachebelu, I. Obum-Okeke

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International Journal of Pyschology and Counseling

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HIV/AIDS prevalence had become a global issue in the whole continent today. The study examined the
influence of the knowledge of HIV/AIDS on behaviour change among adolescents in Anambra State,
Nigeria. A sample of 960 adolescents were used for the study. Three research questions and two
hypotheses guided the study. The study was a descriptive survey on adolescents in Anambra State.
The instrument was a 38-item questionnaire which was duly validated by three experts. Findings from
the study revealed that the adolescents’ knowledge about HIV/AIDS was high but their behaviour
changes were not encouraging. It is therefore recommended that the counsellors should partner with
appropriate agencies of government and non-governmental organizations in order to help the
adolescents overcome the problem of HIV/AIDS by providing accurate and effective information that will
bring a change in their life styles for realistic and appropriate behavior.




Adolescents/Youth; Behavior; Black; Risk Assessment


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