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Condom social marketing program to prevent HIV/AISD in post-conflict Liberia


A. Harris, S. Jubwe, S. Kennedy, et al.

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African Health Sciences

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Background: Youths in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) account for a large burden of the global HIV/STI crises. As such,
strategies directed at promoting behavioral modifications would be critical to reducing the prevalence of risky sexual
behaviors among high risk adolescents in post-conflict environments.
Objectives: This study describes a condom promotion strategy to prevent HIV/STIs among highly vulnerable urban
youth in a post-conflict, resource-constrained environment via the provision of both male and female condoms to nontraditional
venues like music and photo shops, ice cream parlors, money exchange centers and beauty salons.
Methods: Community members in the designated catchment areas volunteered their services and the use of their small
businesses to support this endeavor.
Results: In this paper, we describe the condom promotion strategy and its implications within the context of a communitybased
participatory social marketing program to prevent risky sexual behaviors among highly vulnerable urban youth in a
post-conflict country.
Conclusion: We postulate that this approach may likely increase condom use among urban youth in Monrovia, the capital
city of Liberia.
Keywords: Condom Social Marketing, Post-Conflict Liberia, HIV/STI Prevention




Adolescents/Youth; Black; Risk Assessment


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