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interview Mode and Measurement of Sexual Behaviors: Methodological Issues


James N. Gribble, Heather G. Miller, Susan M. Rogers and Charles F. Turner

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The Journal of Sex Research

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Studies of sexual and other sensitive behaviors are often fraught with a variety of reporting biases. When
IAQs are used to collect data, respondents may underreport certain sensitive behaviors and overreport
normative behaviors. SAQs can also pose problems: requiring that respondents be literate and be able to
follow skip patterns. In recent years, the development of computerized technologies--audio-CASI and TACASI--
have begun to overcome some of the limitations of IAQs and SAQs. By providing a more private
mode for data collection and standardized delivery of all questions, as well as automated skip patterns and
range checks, audio-CASI and T-ACASI have been tested in a number of studies and found to be an
effective way of reducing response bias, and thus, contributing to a better understanding of the prevalence
and patterns of sexual and other sensitive behaviors.






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