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MSM at Highest Risk for HIV Acquisition Express Greatest Interest and Preference for Injectable Antiretroviral PrEP Compared to Daily, Oral Medication.


KB Biello, MJ Mimiaga, Cm Santostefano, et al.;

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AIDS and Behavior

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​Men who have sex with men (MSM) account for nearly 70% of new HIV diagnoses, with young black MSM at the highest risk for infection in the United States. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can decrease HIV acquisition in at-risk individuals by over 90%. However, therapeutic efficacy requires a daily pill, posing adherence challenges. Experimental modalities, including injectable PrEP given once every 2 months, may improve adherence among those most in need. To assess interest in and preference for injectable PrEP, an online survey was mounted on two popular MSM sexual networking apps. Differences by age, race, and other characteristics were examined using multinomial logistic regressions. Of 4638 respondents, 73% expressed interest in injectable PrEP and 47% indicated they would prefer an injection (compared to 17% who prefer a daily pill and 36% who were unsure). Within this sample, interest in and preference for injectable PrEP was highest among MSM at highest risk for HIV infection (i.e., younger age groups, racial/ethnic minorities, those with risker sexual behavior). As a result, if proven effective in clinical trials, injectable PrEP has the potential to reduce social disparities in HIV transmission among MSM.




Adherence; Adolescents/Youth; Behavior; Black; MSM; Racial Disparities


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