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About the HANC Staff

Jeffrey Schouten

HANC Director

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Jeffrey Schouten, MD, JD, AAHIVE, is the HANC Director and provides leadership  and strategic direction for all of the cross-network coordination activities that  the HANC project encompasses. The Director works closely with the Network  Leaders and DAIDS to develop and implement strategies to coordinate activities  and optimize collaboration between the networks and DAIDS and other funding  and operational partners.

Jeff has been the HANC Director since September 2008. He is a former general surgeon with a focus on surgical oncology. He has been involved in HIV clinical research and HIV primary care for more than a decade. He is also a clinical investigator at the University of Washington AIDS Clinical Trials Unit. Jeff also has a strong interest in HIV public policy.


Russell Campbell

HANC Deputy Director

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Russell Campbell joined HANC in early 2008 as the Community Partners Coordinator and serves as the primary point of contact at HANC for community coordination activities. Russell has a unique mix of skills and experience with public health, research and community involvement.

As Community Partners Manager, Russell provides administrative and project management support for Community Partners and related working groups.  Russell moderates conference calls, and meetings and is a hub for communications within the CP membership as well as with staff across the Networks and the larger cross-Network community. Russell helps manage CP document development and implementation including work plans, operating procedures, communication plans, training manuals, and best practices guidelines. He facilitates conference calls, meetings and HANC portal activity, ensuring that Community Partners activities address the objectives and meet the milestones outlined in the Community section of the HANC work plan.

Greg Davis

HANC Project Manager

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Greg Davis joined HANC in 2011. Greg leads the Behavioral Science Working Group, the Behavioral Science Consultative Group, the Behavioral Science Interest Group, as well as the Financial Disclosure Working Group. Along with group management, he keeps the HANC website updated. Greg has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from North Carolina State University and a Paralegal Certificate from Duke University. 

Brian Minalga

HANC Legacy Project, Community Engagement Officer


Brian Minalga works to advance HIV-related justice by building trust, collaboration, and capacity between the NIH-funded HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks and the communities bearing the greatest burden of HIV in the US. He facilitates the Women's HIV Research Collaborative, manages the Be the Generation project, and represents HANC on the NIH Division of AIDS Cross-Network Transgender Working Group. He also brings to HANC an expertise in HIV decriminalization and is actively involved in anti-stigma work within and outside the research enterprise. Having worked in the fields of HIV, social work, education, and youth development in locations ranging from Seattle to Detroit and Namibia to Niger, Brian brings a global and interdisciplinary perspective to HANC. A poet of the page and the stage, Brian believes in art as a tool for social and political justice. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan.


Cale Reid

Project Manager


Cale Reid joined HANC in September 2016. Cale comes to Seattle by way of San Francisco, where he completed his Professional Science Master's in Biotechnology degree at the University of San Francisco. Cale previously worked at the Public Library of Science (PLOS), a non-profit, open-access publisher, on the journal PLOS ONE. Cale also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. Cale facilitates the Communications Working Group, the Data Management Centers Working Group, the Evaluation Working Group, the Site Coordinators Working Group, and the Youth Prevention Research Working Group.

Louis Shackelford Photo.jpgLouis Shackelford

HANC Legacy Project, Community Engagement Officer

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Louis Shackelford joined HANC Legacy Project in March 2017. Originally from New York City, Louis has extensive experience conducting community-level HIV awareness initiatives from his work facilitating HIV prevention studies at the Harlem Prevention Center Clinical Research Site in NYC. In his role at Legacy, he manages the Legacy Project Working Group and serves as Legacy's representative on HPTN Black Caucus. With his background in community engagement, Louis has taken the lead in Legacy's House-Ball community engagement, faith community engagement, and engagement of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Louis also maintains a focus on the NIH-funded HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks, spearheading projects which identify new areas of cross-network collaboration. Always seeking to be a resource to the communities that he serves, Louis remains committed to developing others and building alliances to combat the HIV epidemic and related health disparities in the United States.


lhe9_0051_edited (1 of 1)_reduced.jpgMilan Vu

Project Coordinator

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A local to the Seattle area, Milan comes with a background in public health and research. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Washington and previously worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an assignee to the North Dakota Department of Health in Bismarck, ND. There, her experiences included coalition facilitation, program operations, and community health initiatives.
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