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The Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC) works with the HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) with the intent of creating a more integrated, collaborative and flexible research structure. The networks are an affiliated group of national and international medical research institutions and investigators that conduct clinical HIV/AIDS research to develop safe and effective drugs, prevention strategies, and vaccines.
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Learn more about participating in a clinical research study or engaging your community in clinical trials research.

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​View a variety of training resources including the online HIV Research Counseling and Testing (HRCT) curriculum, HSP and GCP training.

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​Legacy Project

Learn how HANC is working to increase participation of underrepresented populations in HIV clinical trials.

HANC is supported through a cooperative
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New Be the Generation Website

The Legacy Project has released a new website for the Be the Generation project focused on HIV prevention research. The website features information on microbicides, PrEP & TasP, and vaccines as well as an interactive quiz, reorganized video content, and a news section. The web address is, and the website is also available en Español.

DAIDS RSC Contract Highlights

NIAID/DAIDS/OPCRO are excited to present a synopsis of 7 years of accomplishments of the DAIDS RSC contract, including preparations for the FDA-mandated transition to electronic regulatory submissions, support for the critical P5 HIV vaccine studies, and outreach and training efforts, in the DAIDS RSC Conract Highlights 2010-2017. The new DAIDS RSC contract was awarded on April 15, 2017 (see announcement). For additional information on the DAIDS RSC contract please contact Jui Shah, PhD at

DAIDS Memo re: Informed Consent Process
DAIDS released a memo on August 21, 2017 announcing new requirements related to the informed consent process. The full text of the memo is available here

Coming July 2017 - New Safety eLearning Course on EAE Reporting

If you will be a new reporter/submitter, you will need to take and pass this course in order to obtain DAERS access. Have questions? Click here ​for more information. 


OCSO Memo re: Site Monitoring Contract

OCSO released a memo on March 22, 2017 announcing that, following a re-competition process, the Monitoring Operations Branch (MOB) has awarded the new NIAID Site Monitoring Contact (NCSM) to Pharmaceutical Products Development, Inc. (PPD). The full text of the memo is available here​

Memo re: CRS QA Summary Report
OCSO released a memo on March 13, 2017 notifying sites that they are no longer required to submit a CRS QA Summary Report to their DAIDS Program Office on April 1st, 2017. OCSO currently anticipates that the next submission deadline will be in October 2017. The full text of the memo is available here.


​​​ATN Request for Proposals 
The Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN) recently released a new RFP. The purpose of this RFP is to encourage collaboration among investigators and the ATN by providing funding support for scientifically meritorious research projects that address the research objectives of the ATN in order to augment the research areas of the ATN’s U19 Program projects already in progress. The full text of the RFP can be accessed here.


Research Ethics and Informed Consent Video


The Community Partners Training Working Group and DAIDS created a video on Research Ethics and Informed Consent. To view the video, click here.


Adolescent PrEP Delivery Webinar


The Youth Prevention Research Working Group recently presented a webinar titled "Adolescent PrEP Delivery: Opportunities and Challenges in the World of HIV Prevention". A recording of the webinar and copies of the presentations are available here.


Women & HIV Cure

 The Women's HIV Research Collaborative presented a three-part webinar series on women and HIV cure featuring a team of expert women working in biomedical research and community advocacy. Recordings are available here.


IT Best Practices Document updated!

 HANC's IT Best Practices Document is revised every other year by the networks' SDMCs (Frontier Science and SCHARP) and representatives from DAIDS and NIH. The document provides IT best practices guidance for clinical research sites and laboratories working on DAIDS-funded HIV/AIDS clinical trials. The most recent version of the IT Best Practices document was finalized in March. To view the document, click the link below.


More information

"Ethical Considerations on Standard of Care and Post-Trial Access" Webinar now posted!


The Community Partners Working Group hosted a webinar presented by Liza Dawson, Research Ethics Team Leader in the Division of AIDS and Sam Garner, bioethicist in the Division of AIDS. To view the webinar, click the link below.


More information

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